A diabetic diet typically steers clear of certain products and incorporates others. The most suitable products for diabetics can be found in the Bikurim group’s rich menu. Our company insists upon producing and marketing food products of the highest-quality, which can provide anyone with a range of delicious possibilities to help protect their health and weight. Bikurim insists upon advanced health standards and outstanding quality with each of its food products.


Putting together a diet for diabetics can be a rather tricky, seeing as diabetics have many health restrictions, which prevent them from eating the most basic foods, such as white bread. As a result, various diets have introduced a range of risk-free/harmless/safe food, with great flavors and plenty of health benefits.
Here are some tips for a successful diet, particularly for diabetics:

  • Small meals throughout the day – Many people choose to skip meals, eating only one or two a day. However, since diabetes is a complex health condition, rather than skip meals, diabetics should eat small meals every 3-4 hours.  
  • Avoiding carbohydrates – Many different types of food provide insufficient nutritional value and drastically raise blood sugar levels, which is pretty dangerous for diabetics. Shifting to low-carb foods, such as flaxseed baked goods/pastries, could be an ideal supplement for a diabetic diet.
  • Omega-3 – Everyone should consume omega-3. However, adding food that is rich with omega-3, like flaxseed, is particularly recommended for diabetics, as it helps the blood’s triglyceride levels.


Improving our diet – improving our lives

It is important to remember that changing our diet can substantially influence the way we cope with our pains and ailments. Modifying a diabetic’s diet to suit his/her needs can result in massive improvement, without involving external substances and large doses of medication.

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