If you are looking for a protein diet, the most effective way to find one would be to create a customized menu that meets your personal needs. The Bikurim group – Food Industries Ltd. produces outstanding, delicious, high-protein food with extraordinary nutritional value. The food products our company offers can provide you with the perfect supplement for your new diet, so that you can follow its rules while enjoying tasty, nutritious and healthy food.


A protein diet should combine meat, vegetables, milk products and other fatty foods. This type of diet includes hardly any carbohydrates, if at all. The amount of carbohydrates that you incorporate in your diet should be determined by how stringent your diet is and/or your health condition. Keep in mind that if your body does not respond well to this sudden shift in your menu, then this may not be the right diet for you. We also recommend consulting your doctor or dietitian, who can create a new diet that suits your needs and health.

A significant part of a protein diet is avoiding food products with carbohydrates. Such products include different types of pastas, bread, rice, snacks, cornflakes etc. If avoiding these products completely will be challenging for you, you should know there are healthy substitutes that can meet your new diet restrictions. For example, you could replace white bread with high-protein flaxseed bread, which contains hardly any carbohydrates.


Many people find it hard to stick to a protein diet without any bread. Most likely because we have gotten used to the fact that bread is filling, and without bread we crave food throughout the day. The Bikurim group is happy to present you with an ideal solution in the form flaxseed baked good. Our products offer substantial health benefits and do not contain carbohydrates, which are prohibited in this type of diet.

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