The Bikurim Food Industries group specializes in manufacturing high quality food.

Due to our uncompromising commitment to high-quality health standards, we are honored to be among the select kosher l’mehadrin companies in the food industry.
The Bikurim group manufacturing system prides itself in meeting the Ministry of Health’s strictest regulations in manufacturing and marketing food, as well as receiving the hechsher of the Edah HaChareidis, “Badatz”.
The Bikurim group’s food factories export freshly baked first-rate health breads and roasted and peeled vegetables each day, and provide catering services for events and businesses.
Our love for food, combined with the work of our professional senior staff, are what enable us to deliver outstanding products.

Our wide client base includes large food industries in Israel, institutions, retailers and private clients.
Due to our chefs and pastry-cooks’ unique recipes and our ongoing development of health products, our factories are well-known and respected in the food industry, particularly the health food industry.

The strictest hechsher

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our products. That is why our products have the strict hechsher seal of the Edah HaChareidis, “Badatz”.

We think about you.

Which is why we listen to you and apply what we learn. Since we want to make sure you continue enjoying our products, we insist on quality control and the highest quality of raw materials, and use advanced technologies in order to remain innovative.

Improve and develop

Bikurim Food Industries continually strives to improve and develop the health benefits our products have to offer. Our products meet the strictest Ministry of Health regulations and have no added preservatives or food coloring.
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