Creating a nutritious diet for athletes requires a comprehensive study of your body’s needs, and learning how to meet those needs in a tasty and satisfying way. The Bikurim Company – Food Industries Ltd. produces and markets healthy high-quality food products for everyone to enjoy. Even if you have dietary restrictions, whether by choice or as a result of a health condition, you can find a rich variety of deliciously nutritious food at Bikurim.


A significant part of an athlete’s routine is nutrition. It plays a major role in maintaining health, controlling/monitoring weight loss, and reaching maximum results during practice. In recent year science has provided us with numerous studies that prove the enormous impact nutrition has on our way of life and health. An unbalanced diet could cause various health conditions, including obesity, heart and blood vessel diseases, and even some forms of cancer. As a result, combining a suitable diet with exercise will undoubtedly improve one’s health.
During practice and fitness training we push our bodies to the limit. That is why you must provide your body with all the basic food groups it requires, particularly protein, which gives you the opportunity to function at your best and endure physical exertion. This requires a diet for athletes that will provide your body with all the nourishment and energy it needs, or lacks, so that you can continue training safely and effectively. Food supplements based on protein cannot replace the protein consumed from eating food. They are not a substitute for an actual meal. And so, it is important to eat food rich with protein, which is ideal for increasing your muscle mass.


In order for to ensure our body receives all that it requires from the food, we must take a good look at our daily routine, the amount of exercise we do, our health and age. Taking all of this information into account is what enables us to create the most suitable diet for each and every person. We can do so by searching online, making an appointment with our doctor or dietitian and putting together a diet that will keep us healthy and satisfied. The Bikurim group is happy to present you with a range flaxseed baked good. The high-protein food products we produce offer various health benefits and consist of hardly any carbohydrates.

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