Bikurim Flaxseed Bread is most likely one of the brands most attributed with healthy weight loss and a balanced nutrition for diabetics. Since 2015, Bikurim – Food Industries Ltd. insists upon the highest standards of quality control and customer service. Contact us and we will be happy to introduce you to a wide range of leading products in the food industry, including healthy breads, peeled vegetables and a range of kosher l’mehadrin catering services.


Bread has been an inseparable part of our life since childhood, whether part of a Shabbat meal or our school sandwich. But as we grow older, that same beloved bread may cause several unpleasant side effects. People who are sensitive to the bread’s ingredients, or perhaps wish to lose weight, don’t need to worry any longer. The Bikurim flaxseed bread will allow you to enjoy a delicious, nourishing low-carb bread.

Flaxseed bread provides us with incredible health benefits that are safe for our digestive system, and enables us to go back to enjoying hearty sandwiches any time of time. Anyone who has tried dieting can recall how hard it is to find something to eat, while trying to avoid high-carb and high calorie foods. Today it is clear this exceptional flaxseed bread contains all of the ingredients and delicious flavors necessary for keeping you satisfied and full. So you can leave your worries behind and enjoy it.


Low-carb flaxseed bread is particularly suitable for people suffering for diabetes, because carbohydrates have a significant impact on blood sugar levels, which can pose a real challenge for diabetics. The Bikurim group provides exceptionally healthy breads, as well as many other products. We will be happy to be of service.

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