Creating a diet without carbohydrates should be done with care, while taking a person’s health and dietary restrictions into account. The Bikurim group is happy to help you build a new diet and provide you with nutritious health products that will complement your dietary restrictions. Our company prides itself in meeting the Ministry of Health’s strictest regulations, as well as the Badatz hechsher of the Edah HaChareidit.


Many people around the world find themselves struggling with their weight, year after year to the point of despair. A person whose weight shifts or who is incapable of loosing weight despite honest efforts, may feel at a loss/stumped. The fight to lose weight has led people to seek a diet that will keep them satisfied and full, while helping them lose weight effectively.
Carb-free diets have become increasingly popular as a proven and particularly effective way for people to lose weight in a relatively short period of time. It is important to note this type of diet could also be suitable for people who avoid carbohydrates due to dietary restrictions. For example, diabetics must significantly limit their carbohydrate intake in order to prevent blood sugar spikes.

Stay full and satisfied

A large percentage of today’s population eats high-carb foods, like bread, pasta, candies and various snacks. We are all well aware of the fact that this does not constitute a healthy balanced diet, but it is very hard to give up breads and pastries. The Bikurim group is happy to present you with its selection of flaxseed pastries. Our food products offer multiple health benefits and contain hardly any carbohydrates, providing you with a delicious and nourishing alternative to different types of bread.

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