Light. Delicious. Healthy

Whether as a light morning breakfast, a bite after a workout, or a snack on-the-go, the deliciously crispy Bikurei Pishtan crackers contain all the good this miraculous grain has to offer – and much more.

The crackers are a fantastic source/basis for a balanced and satisfying diet for diabetics, athletes, vegans and more. With added omega 3, no preservatives, and all-natural ingredients, we baked these prime seeds for a nutritious, delicious and satisfying meal.

Less than one carbohydrate

The flax cracker contains less than one carbohydrate per cracker, making it the ultimate snack for a low-carb diet for those who wish to maintain a long-lasting healthy weight, and prefer healthy high-quality food.

Nutritional facts

Serving size 9g


Energy (calories) 42.3
Total carbohydrate 0.9g
Sugar 0
Dietary Fiber 1.5g

Total Fat

         Saturated Fatty Acid 1.8g
         Trans Fatty Acids less than 0.5g
Cholesterol less than 2.5mg
Sodium 57mg



Flaxseed flour (35%), water, wheat gluten, rye sourdough (contains gluten), salt, sweetener (maltitol), acetic acid, yeast.

This product includes the following allergens: gluten (wheat, rye), soy

May contain: gluten (oatmeal), sesame, nuts (pecan, walnut), eggs

Weight of product: 150g


Want to learn more about our baked goods?

The outer shell of flaxseed is a good source for dietary fiber and the heart of the seed contains numerous vitamins and minerals alongside fat, lignins, protein and more, which provide a healthy nutritional foundation for athletes, diabetics and more.

We didn’t invent this wonderful concoction. All we did was bake it for you in a healthy and satisfying way.

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