It is becoming more and more common to find flaxseed bread in different places, owing to its various health benefits and remarkable taste. The Bikurim Food Industries group specializes in producing high-quality food, including different types of bread, bread rolls and even crackers made of flaxseed. Since its establishment, the Bikurim group insists upon meeting the Ministry of Health’s highest standards, placing it at the forefront of the food industry and awarding it the strictest l’mehadrin hechsher.

Flaxseed bread contains numerous health benefits and has a remarkable flavor. It is essentially bread produced from flaxseed, offering a unique blend of health, exceptional texture and delicate taste.

Flaxseed bread provides the following health benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Dietary fibers
  • Omega-3
  • Low-carb bread
  • High nutritional values
  • No added sugar
  • High percentage of protein

One of the most important advantages of flaxseed bread is that it is also suitable for diabetics, owing to the fact that it is a low-carb and low-sugar food. As a result, people suffering from diabetes can enjoy a delicious slice of bread or a sandwich at school or at work. No doubt everyone and anyone can benefit from flaxseed bread, particularly those who are otherwise unable to eat bread as a result of health conditions.


The flaxseed bread produced by the Bikurim group – Food Industries Ltd. offers a range benefits that go well beyond health issues. Our bread also helps people lose weight safely, because one average slice of bread contains less than one gram of carbohydrates. Aside from eating bread, it can also help people wean themselves from white bread and switch to a low-carb diet.

The Bikurim group provides healthy types of bread, peeled and roasted vegetables and catering services for events and businesses throughout the week. Our services are under strict supervision and meet the highest quality standards. Contact us to find out more about our company’s products and services.

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