Low-carb flaxseed bread is undoubtedly one of the most important and beneficial inventions of late. The Bikurim group – Food Industries Ltd. produces the most remarkable, delicious and healthy breads. Our breads are a perfect addition to your meal, providing you and your children with a special treat while at school or at work. Since its establishment in 2015, Bikurim insists upon meeting the highest health and quality standards. As a result, our company is well-known and respected in the Israeli food industry.

Low-carb flaxseed bread undoubtedly offers a wide range of health benefits, which is why it comes as no surprise that so many people add it to their diet wholeheartedly. Flaxseed bread is suitable for the following populations:

  • People who want to lose weight – Many types of diets and nutrition recognize that we lose weight faster and more effectively when we reduce the amount of carbohydrates we eat. Low-carb flaxseed bread is an excellent addition to one’s diet, particularly for those seeking to lose weight without remaining hungry throughout the entire day.
  • Diabetics – Diabetics have a hard time eating high-carb foods, because the latter turn into sugar in their bodies, which wreaks havoc on a digestive system that is already struggling to cope with different sugars. This exceptional bread will enable diabetics to enjoy delicious and nourishing bread once again, without suffering from harmful side effects after finishing their meal.  
  • Those who like the taste – Flaxseed bread clearly offers a new and indisputable range of flavors. The exceptional flaxseed flavor offers us with a wide variety of new delicious tastes.


Many of us have experienced upsetting side effects as a result of eating too much bread. The heavy feeling in our stomachs has made us consider giving up bread entirely, but without any alternatives we’ve continued eating and suffering. The flaxseed bread produced by the Bikurim group is an effective alternative that combines dietary fibers, omega-3, loads of protein and very few carbohydrates, which help the digestive system function properly.

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