It is important for diabetics to keep a healthy diet, since what they eat has a major impact on their lives. The Bikurim group – Food Industries Ltd. insists upon producing healthy and nourishing food products of the highest quality that are suitable for everyone, particularly diabetics. Our company’s entire production system prides itself in meeting the Ministry of Health’s strict regulations, and in marketing kosher food under the supervision of Badatz of the Edah HaChareidit.


In order to treat diabetes holistically, diabetics must keep a healthy balanced diet, even though it requires a great deal of effort to avoid certain types of food. From the moment someone develops diabetes, they can be treated with insulin and other medication. However, sticking to a restricted diet can greatly improve the patient’s condition and lifestyle, often reducing the need for medication.

Diabetics should particularly avoid empty carbohydrates, such as white flour. Empty carbohydrates turn into glucose, which raises blood sugar levels. This is a dangerous for diabetics because their bodies do not regulate or secrete insulin sufficiently, which is why high blood sugar levels put them at risk. Consuming flaxseed bread as an alternative to white bread, for example, would provide diabetics with a low-carb bread, prevent blood sugar levels from rising drastically, and enable them to welcome bread back into their menu.


Many people diagnosed with diabetes think they are doomed to eat bland and tasteless food forever. But the truth is that maintaining a balanced diet will enable them to enjoy what the world has to offer without suffering from the side effects of unsuitable food. The Bikurim group insists upon providing a wide range of food products suitable for people with various dietary restrictions, so that everyone can enjoy delicious healthy food.

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