Protein is vital for athletes and is an inseparable part of any diet aimed at effectively building muscle mass. The primary goal of the Bikurim group – Food Industries Ltd. is to provide the healthiest and highest quality of food products for anyone and everyone. That is why our company produces fresh food products every day that are suitable for diabetics, people aiming to lose weight, and even athletes who lead a healthy life style, follow a strict diet and consume large amounts of protein.



One of the nutritional requirements for athletes is protein. Protein is found in every cell of our body, including muscles, bones, cartilage, internal organs, skin and so forth. Proteins are comprised of 22 amino acids, which are vital for a healthy functioning body. Protein can be found in milk, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, and flax and soy products. These proteins play crucial roles in our body, which is why they are so essential to our diet.

  • Protein helps build, renew and repair cells and tissues, including muscle tissues that are vital for athletes.
  • They play a role in our immune system.
  • They help transfer the food and oxygen in our blood to and from cells.
  • They are responsible for important processes in our body, such as our metabolism.
  • Proteins are crucial building blocks for our body, in addition to enzymes and hormones.


In order to maintain a diet that suits/complements our health and fitness level, we must provide our body with the necessary building blocks. Bikurim focuses on producing high-quality food that will provide our bodies with all that it requires, while eliminating empty and excess carbohydrates that only burden our bodies with low nutritional value. Contact us today and we will be happy to be of service and provide you with further information about the high-protein food products we produce for athletes.

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