For years Bikurim – Food Industries Ltd. has been producing a range of products and pastries made from flaxseed. Recently our company has introduced flaxseed crackers to its list of products. Flax has been known for centuries as one of the most effective and beneficial substances for the human body. Many refer to it as a superfood, most likely because it provides our bodies with exceptional nutrients that help a range of internal processes and improve the process of digestion.

Over the last few years we have been witnessing a revolution in the culinary world. All of a sudden it seems healthier and tastier alternatives pop up for every type of food we eat. The flaxseed cracker is among those products. We reached a point where people were no longer able to eat regular toast, and all of the packaged crackers tasted the same. Until this revolutionizing cracker came along. The flaxseed cracker offers substantially greater health benefits, making it a popular choice.

  • Flax contains a high percentage of dietary fibers, which contribute to a healthy functioning digestive system that can help you lose weight the healthy way.
  • The flaxseed cracker is an excellent nosh to enjoy in between meals, and an especially yummy snack as well. No other cracker has the same deliciously crispy flavor.
  • Different baked good/pastries made from flaxseed contain very few carbohydrates. This is particularly important for diabetics who cannot eat white bread or high-carb grains, and for people looking to reduce their carbohydrate intake, due to health issues or weight loss.

 Introducing baked good/pastries that are protein, not carbs

At first glance it may seem strange to read about protein pastries, but the truth is that once the Bikurim group began producing flaxseed pastries, we quickly discovered the unique and numerous health benefits they have to offer, along with their delicious taste and exceptional texture. You are welcome to browse our website, read about Bikurim services and products, and learn about more effective ways to improve your diet by making it a whole lot healthier and tastier.

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