“Incorporating ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ is an excellent solution for diabetic patients, whose carbohydrate intake is restricted, but who are unwilling to give up bread entirely. I also recommend the bread for patients who insist upon a low-carb diet that is rich with protein. What’s more, the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ provides vegans with an excellent source for omega-3.”
Naamah P. Clinical dietitian, Haifa

“I recommend eating the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ because it contains a considerable amount of omega-3. It does not contain any genetically engineered and entirely unhealthy wheat. The ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ is great for diabetics and for low-carb diets because it contains hardly any carbohydrates. The bread is very nutritious and satisfying because its high percentage of dietary fiber. I recommend drinking water while eating the bread. It helps to digest it.”
Smadar Ginsberg, Clinical dietitian and Fitness Instructor, Jerusalem

“The ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ is suitable for low-carb diets. It fits right in with maintaining any kind of diet. It is not meant for people who are gluten intolerant, because it contains gluten.”
Dr. Tel Immanuel: MD, PhD


“I wanted to thank you for producing this wonderful bread. It has allowed me to stop taking ongoing medications, as my blood sugar level has dropped.  No more medications for diabetes!”
A.M Center

“It’s been two years since I was diagnosed with diabetes. My dietitian recommended I eat the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’. It is fantastic and really healthy. It doesn’t raise my blood sugar levels, it’s easy to digest and doesn’t upset my stomach. It also makes me feel full and calm throughout the day”
Shani S. Ashdod

“When I bought the bread, I was still skeptical… After eating it I took a test and my sugar levels didn’t rise!! I was shocked. Since then I haven’t stopped buying and enjoying the bread…”
A.B. Beitar

“What I love about the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ is that it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels for diabetics, so you can eat loads of it. It’s one of my basic food products.”
Y.L. Beit Shemesh

“I used to only eat salads… Ever since I discovered Flaxseed bread, I allow myself to eat large amounts of bread without hoarding forbidden calories… on top of which the bread is also delicious.”
Sara K. South

“I’ve been searching for this bread for quite some time, and now I’ve finally found it. It’s excellent, satisfying, healthy, and highly recommended for diabetics because of the flaxseeds that balance the diabetes. This bread really keeps my diabetes under control. Highly recommended!!”
Dafna Cohen, Tel Aviv


“As an athlete I used artificial substitutes that don’t taste all that great (not to mention how unhealthy they are) for quite a long time. I then discovered the high-protein flaxseed wonder-bread, which led to a positive change in my eating habits. I highly recommend it. It’s great for athletes.”
Asaf Ben Yaakov, Tel Aviv

“My name is Sagi. I am a combat soldier and I purchased the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ as my daily protein supplement and as an alternative to the white bread provided in the army. The bread was such a success that the loaf was devoured within minutes by my friends in the army department! I highly “recommend the product. I enjoyed it and will continue enjoying it.”
Sagi, Modiin

“I bought the bread. It’s an excellent product. I don’t know how I’ve managed without it up until now. It tastes good. It’s high in protein, dietary fibers and omega-3. I can’t believe two slices with a spoonful of peanut butter contain healthy fats, 35 grams of protein, dietary fibers and omega-3. It’s a marvel. I really hope the manufacturer doesn’t stop producing this bread because I’m addicted to it! Keep up the amazing work. Your loyal and satisfied customer, Sahar.”
Sahar, Center

“I bought the bread today at a nature store and I just wanted to share my experience. As someone who hasn’t eaten bread for months, the sandwich I made was incredible! It’s a great solution for people who are working on their figure or for anyone looking for a low-carb, high-protein and healthy fat bread.”
Michal A. North

“As someone who is very involved with sports, I regard nutrition as something sacred. I generally avoid carbohydrates, obviously including different types of bread, for health reasons, as well as the way carbohydrates look and my personal taste. That is, until a friend told me about the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’. Aside from the impressive technological challenge they developed (a high-protein and low-carb bread) I personally think the end product is outstanding. As a customer who buys between 2-3 flaxseed loaves a week, I’m looking forward to their next flaxseed-based product (rolls, pizza base…) I short – way to go! It has been a long time since I’ve come across a product that I am so pleased with and recommend to everyone I know. Keep up the good work.”
Ilai Bahat, Sharon area

“This is a great invention that makes my morning. As an athlete, up until now I’d contemplate what to eat each morning. I’d rack my brains and end up not enjoying my breakfast. Now, every morning I have a few slices of flaxseed bread with a little bit of peanut butter. A great breakfast with protein that lasts me well till noon.”
Asaf Naori, Ra'anana


“I eat a low-carb diet. Since I discovered and tried the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ I can’t eat any other bread. It’s tasty and feels great. I really enjoy it.”
Shimon G. Herzliya

“Since I discovered and tasted the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ I haven’t touched any other bread, because of its qualities and the fact that it is the most dietetic bread I know. Also, because it is low-carb to the point of less than one carbohydrate per slice. I buy it a box of 12 loaves nearly every two weeks. The bread arrives fresh and usually within 24 hours. It’s a fantastic service.”
Chaim A. Jerusalem

“This bread gave me an excellent solution while dieting. First of all, it’s very satisfying and you can eat large portions of it. Because of the high metabolism rate, the flaxseed bread really helped me lose weight.”
A.G Bnei Brak

“I eat flaxseed bread as part of a low-carb diet. The bread is very nourishing for a high-protein diet. I really enjoy it and can no longer eat any other type of bread. The bread gives me energy and replaces carbohydrates. This is our main source of bread. It’s fresh, tasty and very satisfying.”
Sima Adir, Petach Tikvah

“About a year ago I began dieting. I heard about the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’, ate it and lost some weight. After a while I stopped eating the bread and gained some weight as a result. About three months ago I decided to go back to flaxseed bread, and not surprisingly I lost 8.5 kg in two and a half months. This amazing bread really helps me.”
Ron Nechushtan, Jerusalem

“It’s been a year since I last ate carbs, because of the low-carb diet I started. Even though I was addicted to bread, I went cold turkey. About two weeks ago I happened to come across the ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ and now I’m addicted to bread again…”
Moshe Y. Center


“I buy the bread for my daughter who has a rare disease. For someone who needs a substitute for bread, the flaxseed bread is a great solution. You can finally eat bread with spreads, especially for children who, for various health issues, need to avoid all types of bread. The flaxseed bread is a great substitute in appearance, texture and taste. It makes life easier. The bread is great for her. There’s no better substitute.”
Victor S. Tel Aviv

“A relative recommended I try ‘Flaxseed wonder-bread’ because he knew I eat a healthy diet free of carbohydrates. I tried it and was amazed. The bread was really delicious and worth the cost. It provides all of the nutritional values for people interested in improving their quality of life, and consuming a low-carb diet.”
Hila Nackson, Ariel

“I was so happy to finally find low-carb bread. What’s more, it’s also rich with protein. I have to admit the breads tastes really good! The following day I even toasted it, which tasted even better.”
Tali G. Holon:

Flaxseed bread’s nutritious value

The flaxseed bread’s nutritious values have received the highest praise from health advocates. It Is a low-carb bread, with less than one carbohydrate per slice. It contains 29 grams of protein per 100 grams, 15.7 grams of nutritional fibers per 100 grams, 0.9 milligram of Omega-3, no added sugar, and all-natural ingredients.
We care about providing our clients with a wide range of healthy and delicious products, which is why we are currently working on developing additional low-carb products from high-quality flax seeds.

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